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#Frequently asked questions

How long have you been growing dates?
Our farms have done so for the last 20 years
How long does it take to grow a date tree?
A date tree can live many years however it takes a date palm four to five years to bear fruit. During these early years the quantity of dates produced is less, but commercially viable production could take from 7 - 10 years
What do you feed the tree?
Organic fertilizer (animal manure mixed with date palm waste) and lots and lots of water!
Why are some of the date’s skin flaking off?
There are many reasons for this including pre-harvest. However the main reason is during harvest. If sufficient labour is available during harvest then the majority of fruits are picked at optimal time ensuring optimal quality of fruit. However this is not always possible and some trees / fruits are picked later than ideal timing and that is when skin starts to break.
How are they packaged?
They are stored in 10kg boxes until packaged for sale in whatever packaging is required (1kg, 500gram, 3kg, 5kg etc etc)
What is the dates shelf life?
Depends on the variety. Most varieties can survive months on the shelf (in a relatively dry cool space).
What are the details for delivery
We offer next day delivery from Tuesday to Saturday tracked to England, Wales & Scotland only. Delivery is £3.95 and free delivery on orders above £30.
How are the date sizes determined?
By age of the tree, and when it is harvested
What quality checks do you have to inspect the dates?
The health of both the trees and dates are constantly checked at all stages by both operations team (farm side pre-harvest) and factory team (post-harvest, factory and cold storage).
What are the living conditions of the workers?
Workers live on site in accommodation with cooking facilities, sports / exercise areas and on site health services
Do you pay your workers fairly?
Emphatically YES! In fact, workers are paid above market rate and are further entitled to overtime anytime they work more than 8 hours a day
How many date trees do you have?
More than 200,000 trees
How many dates are produced by one tree?
Anywhere from 10kg to 120 kg (average of 75kg for mature trees)
When is harvest season?
During peak summer - usually between 15 July - 15 September
How is waste treated?
Majority of waste is sent to our own farms to be feed the trees
How do you store your dates?
After harvest, sorting and fumigation, the dates are stored in freezers at 16 degrees below zero.
Is there any risk of contamination to the fruit?
Yes there is which is why the fruit is fumigate to ensure that any potential insects and their eggs are eliminated
Do I need to wash my dates before consumption?
Not really. The dates undergo a final washing process before packaging that eliminates any dust etc but you would be well advised to do this immediately before consumption
Why is your date of the finest quality?
We ensure that our customers receive only the finest freshest hand-picked quality of dates
Can they be frozen?
They are in fact stored and transported frozen
Can a date have no seed?
Yes, it does happen sometimes but it’s not common
How are the dates picked?
Individually by hand.
How are the worker’s health and safety maintained?
Through safety policies and procedures which are ensured by supervisors and farm managers. All employees including workers have full medical insurance.
How are they exported to the UK?
Frozen container by ship